well im getting and agile 3000 and my mom is going to pay for the amp but she wont pay anything over 110 dollars. what kind of amp should i get for that price? i was thinking about spider 3 even tho those arnt too great. what would you reccomend.and dont say save up money for a better amp cause im only 13 and i make 7 bucks a week jsut for mowing lawns. so what amp 110 dollars or lower are the best?

im not being funny but your not even going to get a **** amp for that seriously sell what you have and save a few more months
dude, the best you can get for that price is like a fender 15 watt. and if your REALLY LUCKY youll get reverb AND distortion
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deanwad could be right, actually.

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Check out a Peavey Backstage. In your price range and a very good practice amp.
use the 110 dollars to buy some fishnet stockings, booty shorts, fancy bras, and the rest to a rediculas haircut, from there get on the corner and start making REAL money
TS, what music do you play.

ive seen epi VJ go used for under $110.
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