Ok so basically we got a new singer in our band and we included her in one of our songs, Learn To Try. I was wondering what you guys thought and if you say "nay", what should be improved?

Click Here and It is the song "Learn To Try (New Singer)"
I take that as a nay ... If you couldn't tell by now we have some crappy recording gear and we are beginners to recording lol. It sounds better live trust me haha. Just wanted to know what you thought of the new singer because I was a little iffy to say the least.
yeah the singer sounds like one of those girls on vh1s Rock of Love that tried to sing for him. not everyone is a singer...she doesn't have a bad sounding voice if she could stay on key. but its hard for people who don't have that an ear for it to be able to. despite that the song was pretty cool. sounded pretty catchy, i think it could turn out well with a decent singer.

crit me?
the guy who is singing backup, in my opinion, is better than the girl... its hard to hear him, but as far as i can hear - which doesn't mean definitely - the guy seems to have a little better pitch than the girl... i feel like the girl is trying too hard to sound a certain way and not really singing the actual notes. or is tone deaf (no offense).

the instrumental was quite good though, i can see a mastered version/live version sounding pretty nice.
Guy is much better than lead singer who appears to be singing through her nose the whole time - not even to mention the fact that she is off key the entire time. Nay. Focus on clarity for the recording - the guitar track is very muddy and sounds rather distant. Drums are rather trebly. Vox are not very clear either. It has potential however.
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yeah, if your gonna keep this girl, your going to need to teach her to sing pretty much, which is a tedious process.