who plays shadowrun? i love that game. i just started playing the PC version today- i had previously played the 360 demo.

alot of people dont like it for some reason. i could see why, the levels aren't that great but its a refreshing game

since today was my first time playing PC- i was beasting my first match was 47/7 my second was 42/5

im crazy
everyone else had around 5 kills

any other stories or opinions?
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I played the PC version a month or so back.
It's pretty fun. Kind of hard to get the hang of.
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I think Gamespot said it was too short and there was too little maps, magic and weapons.

And Jeff Gerstmann is always right.
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I have it for the 360 and it was fun for a while, but I seriously got tired of my teamates. No one buys rez! But for anyone who has a 360, Gears of War is a thousand times better.

Anyone played the Call of Duty 4 Beta? Its amazing.
I love that game! I suck at it though.

I always play as an elf and get a katana and Rez, then i just run about rezing teammates.

I get one kill to like 5 deaths is my normal ratio.

I just like talking trash over Xbox Live
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