I'm pretty stuck about what to do.

Basicly need to talk for a few minutes on a german related topic. I'd like to do something music related - i was thinking of something like talking about beetoven or mozart (not german but from a german speaking country)

Anyone got any other ideas? It has to relate directly to a german speaking country is the main problem.
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The Scorpions.
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or the scorpions =p
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Talk about how Herman was used during the 19th century as a soprt of 'romatic hero' for German nationalism on the back of his role in slaughtering Varus' legions in the Teutoburgerwald.
How about Accept, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Necrophagist, Destruction, Scorpions, or any of the other metal bands from German-speaking countries. I did one on Necrophagist last year. I got a 100 on it, believe it or not.
Talk about the holocaust, that'd go down really well I reckon
You're in IB German A2? Jeez man, talk about suicide. Unless you're fluent or something

talk about Mein Kampf, but make it a musical or something =P
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