So I have decided to not build a hollowbody for my Ibanez GAX30 but just upgrade the elelctronics and maybe tuners or bridge.

I was thinking of going with an gibson 2t 2v style wiring with a GFS bridge pup
and a GFS mean 90 pup in the neck

How do you think that would work for mainly a good hard rock ACDC or Led Zep sound but also some good blues from time to time.

Also I was thinking of getting grover rotomatic tuners and does anyone have experience with them... I know there a big name so Im sure there good but does anyone have a possible better set that I could get at a decent price?

Thanks in advanced.
Grover Rotomatics are really nice. 18-1 ratio too i believe (Which is good). And you have a nice combination with the P90 in the Neck, for that bluesy/jazzy sound. That humbucker also will be able to do AC/DC, Zep sound. But any old decent humbucker with pedals should get a fairly decent AC/DC, Zep tone.

Oh, and try Stew-Mac, theyre quite cheap their. Or Thomann.