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POD 2.0
2 22%
V-Amp 2
0 0%
Zoom g2.1u/g1x
1 11%
Digitech rp250/350
2 22%
Boss ME-20
2 22%
Other (please state)
2 22%
Voters: 9.
Here is the ultimate poll on what the best multi effects pedal is under 200$ since there are so many for noobs like me to choose from.
Well, could you not save the extra bit of money towards it for a better pedal?

If not, either the ME-20 or the POD are good.
i had one of those zoom multi effects a little while after i started out and sold it later on...

id suggest you look into a line 6 toneport, the GX model ($70) doesnt come with recording software, but you can download audacity for free. the UX1 model comes with recording software and its also in your budget. anyway, i got the UX ($130) a few days ago and im having a lot of fun with it. theres a lot more effects options and such than on one of those pedals, plus amp/cab models. yea youd have to be at your pc to use it, but you can record directly from it.

it just another option out there for ya
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Hmm...the demos of it sound beefy...but could you buy a cheap footswitch for it incase you wanted to change from cleans to distortion?