i put a bid for one on ebay are they anygood?
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Theres probably a good reason why theres no replies. Nobody has heard of or played one and therefore can't comment.

If someone knows something they will pipe up about it.
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HAve you looked on the review section here? search for vinci, and a link might help, might spark a memory or sometihng
oh i didn't know there was a review section my bad
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Hey I have one of those o.0
I personally think the only reason no one's heard of 'em because it *might* be a cheapie
by that I mean it's possible it's one of those hundred dollar guitars they sell at target and walmart.
But I don't know for sure, I got mine for christmas.
Yeah it is, They go for 100-150 dollars, and it's like a starter pack I guess.
Comes with picks a dvd a strap and a gig bag sooo,
probably not the best guitar.
Aren't those like Sears guitars? I bet for the money you would end up spending theres plenty of better deals in the sub $150 range.