I bought a new american stratocaster about 3 months ago and I wanted to get a setup done. I've pretty much played it straight out of the box except for the new strings i put on. What exactly should I ask for in a setup?
i took mine and they said it didn't need one, i asked for a the pickup's set in the best position possible and for the action to be lowered and the tremelo balanced n stuff like that.
A guitar store should know what your talking about. But you need to find a place that sells alot of electric guitars. A place that does mostly classical instruments may not do the best job.
I got my strat set up recently. He did a change of strings, action, intonation, neck relief and fret polish. Somehow it cost £40 =/ . They say they work on £10 per hour. I don't see how he spent 4 hours doing that.