Anyone played one of the new kramer strykers? I heard they arent plywood, and they are a big upgrade from the old ones. i looked at the site and it said it was made out of north american alder? its got quad rail pickups, and a floyd rose, and its like 200 dollars? a steal? or a peice of crap?
dude, i have one in metallic black, i tell u they're amazing
the quad rails are just brilliant, the floyd stays in tune pretty much
the dimensions are just perfect for me, the neck fast but not too thin
its got a slightly wider neck than some guitars, but u'll probably get used to it
oh, and it is alder assuredly (it definitly sounds like alder - not rolling of highs, accentuating the mids and lows abit)
a steal for sure
i got a piece with 23frets so i got it for $150 from musicyo.com
but u better hurry, coz kramer isnt broke as it once was, so the prices will be rising
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a buddy of mine bought two of em. both are fantastic. The price can be a bit misleading.. sinc eits so cheap you're pretty much assured you're gonna be picking up a piece of junk.. but its definitely not the case. They're just fantastic guitars thats accessible to anyone
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i have one. it's alright. it's actually pretty nice for the price, but in the grand scheme of things, I'd say it's "decent". my trem still stays in tune, but the bar works its way loose very easily, and it's not as responsive as an OFR/Gotoh/Schaller/Edge etc. But it's decent for a "cheapo" one. Problem is the studs are too small to easily upgrade to an OFR or similar, though I think its routing is ok for one, apart from that. Pickups aren't amazing, but you can get a pretty good heavy rhythm crunch out of them.

So, er, yeah, you'd know it wasn't a $1000 instrument, but it's a nicer instrument than you'd expect for $200. At least mine is (it's about 5 years old, and korean- i'm not sure the newer ones are still korean).

Also, it has quite a narrow nut width, if that annoys you, but otherwise the neck is pretty playable. No all access neck joint, but not major problem... if you can play a strat, you can play this. Bear in mind, the factory "setup" is liable to be non-existant, and I've also heard some horror stories about their QC.

EDIT: oh, my electronics (volume pot etc) have near enough died... that's after several years of use, though. and on most sub-$500 guitars (in fact plenty of sub-$1000), the electronics are cheaped-out on.
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