any one kno ne thing about it
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It's a multi FX pedal, it's good if you're starting out, but if you have that rig you say you have, you don't want it ruining your tone. (multi FXs suck tone)
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sorry but:
Pedal, not pedle and called not called.

It's a new pedal, not anew pedal.
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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just gota new pedle that at least i think it does its caled a boss me 50

say what now?
Looks like you have some nice gear, but your spelling leaves a lot to be desired.
Unfortunately, the Boss ME-50 will take the good tone you have and throw it right out the window, better off to take it back and get single pedals.
Honestly, if you just bought a pedal and don't know anything about it, why did you buy it in the first place? That's like buying a house because it looks nice from the outside but not knowing if it even has a bathroom or not.

And judging by the gear you say you have, I'd think you'd at least know what it does and not have to come ask a forum about it.
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