Ok, Ive got a old peavey trans tube combo amp and a berhinger cab. how would I go about "piggy backing" them. Im really not sure how but ive heard of people doing it before. So could someone explain how please. and also does it make you any louder.
thanks pals and gals
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Plugging one amp's output into another's input = bad news. Don't do it, you'll fry one and possibly the other.

You say you have a cab, though. If you've got an extension cab out jack on your Peavey, just use some speaker cable and plug it into the Behringer cab, as long as the impedances are right. If you don't, you'll need to solder a bit. Take the wires going to the Peavey's speaker and wire them to a mono 1/4 jack. Negative should go to the sleeve, positive to the tip. Then plug it into the cab.
O.o man coke you seem to know what your talking about for audio electronics. Mad props man.