I seriously think I have a case of OCD.

I never thought about it before.

But my behavior has gone to the point of significantly hindering my entire mood completely.

There are mainly two things that I'm talking about.
1.My voice
2.My appearance

For example, I love singing, from being a past time when I played the guitar, it is now something I hold as very important to me. Now, when I sing, I am extremely obsessive about my singing range. Like, when I hit the note, I become extremely happy. I will keep hitting it to satisfy my "hunger" so to speak. Then, after a fairly long period of singing, my technique might go off-course and I won't be able to hit the note constantly. I will keep trying until I hit it, after I hit it, I will be happy for awhile, then I'll keep hitting it over and over again until.... you get the cycle.
Now, keep in mind that I go from being very happy, to being very pissed off and irritable, varying with my vocals.

As for appearance, it's similar. Whenever I look at myself, if I look good to myself, I'll be really happy and I'll respond to everything positively. If I look bad to myself, I'll get really pissed off and I'll feel very irritable and uncomfortable. I'll keep looking at mirrors to make sure I look good.

Also, another thing to note is that if say something made me very happy or sad. These things can completely change my mood.

Ok, so I'm not very sure if it's OCD, but I figured it's not very common.

I have an important exam coming up and these things are really fu cking me up.

If I can think of anything else in which I respond to with similar behavior, I'll edit this post.

But yea, anyone know if what I have is a medical condition or just a character flaw on my part?
Uh, I think mostly everybody who is selfconcious about themselves is kind of like this? I sometimes am


I get pretty crazy if my voice isnt working well

And i check my appearance oft if i look ****ty i feel weird and uncomfortable...im pretty sure its all normal-ish
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Yeah you were right about me
i have ocd... just puttin that out there.

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I'm just about the same way, especially the self conciousness part. I look in mirrors constantly, not because I'm vain but because I need to make sure I look okay and reassure myself. If I can't do anything with myself on that day, like my hair is all ****ed up and I look pale that day, I feel kinda crummy the whole day. Inversely, when I look good to myself, I feel good just about the whole day. I've gotten obsessed to the point where it's harder to please myself in everything I do, from guitar playing to art to personal appearance.

So it's not terribly strange to feel that way. I'd consider it slightly OCD, but that's probably not the proper term for it. It's more closely assosiated with severe self conciousness.
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thats not ocd... ocd is where you have to turn a light on and off 20 times before leaving the room becuase you feel like if you dont something bad will happen as a result.

your just self conscious.

get over it and stop trying to find names for it.

at the very very worst you might have a case of body dismorphia, but if that where the case you would be stuck infront of a mirror all day and you wouldnt want to speak to anyone about it, not even online.
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That's not really an OCD, as it relates to what you're doing and it's about determination to reach goals, whether musically or visually.

OCD tends to be things which you cannot live without doing. For instance, my friend has to wash his hands 7 times if he gets any kind of liquid other than water on them. He also has to wash his face 7 times if something touches it. And I don't mean a quick splash with water, I mean a whole rinse, soap, rinse, dry routine - 7 times in a row. That's an OCD.

Another example would be if you HAD to enter a room treading on your left foot and would turn around and come in again if you entered on your right foot.
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Man that's badass.


Doesn't seem that bad, the vocal thing does maybe, but the appearance thing seems like it's not that bad, everyone feels a bit worse when they don't look as good one day.
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maybe your bi-polar? mood swings as a result of not doing somthing right. sounds kinda bi-polar.

or maybe your just an ego manical singer?

it doesnt sound like OCD.
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I think everyone is a bit like that, I know I am. Most certainly when I sing, I'll do a lot of takes to get something right, its just called being a perfectionist really.
I used to have a few cases of OCD. When I was in primary school if I dropped a pencil and I reached to pick it up from the left side I had to reach down and touch the ground with my right hand. Also If I did something with the left or right side of my body like a muscle twitch, I HAD to do it an equal amount of times on both sides and sometimes I would have to do it 5 times on both sides to have it add up to 10.

Man I was ****ed up back then.

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