so im looking for a new amp, tube of coarse, to play metal/hardcore and was wondering if i should go with the head and cab, or just a combo. I was really thinking about the 6505 but the head and cab would come to around 2000$ and i am not prepared for that, as well i hear tube amps suck when turned down low, which i will need to do to play in my room. If anyone knows some good tube-combo amps for around 1200, let me know. thanks
if your looking at a 6505 ur looking for a modern metal sound. so why not go with the combo? also modern metal is all about pre amp gain, so dime that turn it as loud as you can then get a booster/od to push your power tubes harder to get the power amp distortion too

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alright, so combo seems the most practical..but which combo amps are good for around the 1200$ mark?