well I've had my guitar for about half a year now and i'm getting bored of just playing tabs because i'm not improving at playing tabs and I can't move on to more advanced tabs. I've had a couple lessons and I want to know how I should go about learning how to solo and improv. Where should i start?
Start with the blues. It's about the easiest (because the chord format is
almost always the same). A lot of other forms come out of it ( Rock and Jazz ).
You should be able to conjure up a Blues jam in your sleep. When people get
together the first time, you'll almost certainly encounter a blues jam.

Doesn't really matter if you like it much or not. I don't. I get bored in a few minutes
listening to blues. But I play a lot of it. It helps.

Pentatonic minor + Blues + get yourself a blues book...

And you want to look at techniques, and learn scales and harmonization of scales. Tha't very important for improv.

Go top the lessons section on this site, there a whole section there devoted to soloing.
Learning how to imrpovise consists of hours of practicing, always with a backing track if you can, trying diferent ideas and ways of using a scale, until you master this scale and try improvising with another one.
but you know, this is something that get's better with time
I tend to figure out the key to a piece of music I like and then just fiddle about with major or pentatonic scales.

Educating yourself about keys is one of the most useful things you can do learning guitar.

Check out www.gosk.com for scale diagrams and so on.
Phrasing. Minor Pentatonic and Blues. Practise them back and forth a million times. By thirds, forths, etc. Practise until your hands are conditioned to fly and then fly. And have fun and don't be a robot. During this practise you can throw in hammer-on, pull off, slide and vibrato practise too.