I've noticed that the 'lol wut pear' is becomming the new icy hot.
personally I dont think it's funny at all.
it's just ANOTHER standard answer for people who don't know what to say.

it was funny the 1st time, maybe the 2nd also.
so, what do you guys think ?

and ofcourse this is the pit.. so the first reaction will be the lol wut pear itself.
but I'll be one step ahead

see ? does that make me funny now


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I agree, I never saw what was so funny. If it was just because it was random and made no sense, then that's just stupid.
I hate it aswell, but its memes, they don't die, they just get replaced.
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Just give it time, the 4chan crowd will find another MEME to piss us all off with.
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Extremely annoying.
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Well that's the first time I've seen that before because I fail at internet, but I have to admit that it's a funny picture at first because the pear itself looks so bizarre.
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i would love to compare age of people who find this hilarious, with the age of those who dont...