is ur caps lock broken lol
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looks like he had an accient. Lol damn caps lock. Yah we need more information to help you with this question.
What are you talking about with the strings tension bar? The nut itself would be easy to fix I'm pretty sure, but I haven't dealt with locking nuts before.
ignore that, got a decent view up close.

it's an easy fix, buy the parts off that stewmac link someone posted above
There are tons of them on ebay use this link to start your search.
some thing you'll need to know.
Is it top mount or rear mount?
Top mount will have small screw holes in the neck that don't go all the way through. Rear mount will have two holes that go through the neck.
Also you need to know what size to get?
Just measure the width of the neck at the area. Alot of them us an R code. R2 is 1 5/8" and R3 is 1 11/16". You should be able to find for between $10.00 and $15.00. It's a super easy fix, no reason you can't do it yourself.
They should be easy to fix.

I bought my 7-string used and it was missing the locking nut as well. I thought, easy fix! I was wrong. Everybody had the 6-string locking nut things, but nobody had the 7-string ones! The 7- string one is different because the middle nut is a double one ( - -- - ) and the 6 string is just (- - -). I had to buy a new nut, and just take the locks off. That felt like a wasted 30 bucks. In fact, it was a wasted 30 bucks, minus the fact that i needed them.

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