Hey I'm having some trouble getting a nice, full sound from the A major chord (I know, I'm as new to guitar as can be). Trying to get three fingers on the fret is killing me and I'm getting a good amount of buzzing from the D string, any advice?
1.) Take one finger
2.) Put it across all three strings
3.) Strum it
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try barring it instead of trying to fit all of your fingers on. It might be harder to switch between chords, but it'll make a better sound. Oh, and it'll be harder to get a sound from the high e string. Try it, at least
oh. there was only one post when i started typing, now people have got there before me. well i gave a bit more advice about what might happen
I'm not sure he can barre the strings, he's new. Just keep trying what you're doing, you'll get it eventually.
^Yes. Technically its optional, x0222x would still be an A major chord but x02220 is commonplace and a nicer sounding voicing imo.
Try using your ring finger on the second string, and middle finger on the fourth string, and the index finger in between on the third string. This way all of the strings can be stopped closer to the fret, which should clear up your buzzing fourth string problem. There's nothing wrong with the barre technique, and having that in your bag of tricks would be a very good thing. In different situations either way could be better than the other, depending on what comes before and/or after.
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