Which one is best?
I know masking tape is usually the most common of the tapes to stick your picks to your guitar whilst playing live but what about gaffer/electical tape?

Suggestions please
depending on what u do in the band it can work out easy

on ur guitar use masking tape. period.

but if ur vox and u use ur own mic stand (like me) it doesnt really matter so i generally use double sided tape. it can be a bitch to get off sumtimes but they stick good n come off easy.
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i just stick at least 3 or 4 right after the nut between the strings. No matter how hard you slam your head, they'll never go free, and it's also easier to grab one there.

I have a locking nut, which also has the lower string guide bar so no room for that

Good ol' masking tape is the way then?