Hey guys,some bands are gonna be playing in Memphis soon and I'd like to go with some of my friends cause I've never been to a show before but I have some questions about them
1. They're Hardcore bands so where should I be to avoid the mosh pit or is it unavoidable?
2. I'm 14 will they let me in like at the Skatepark of Memphis?
3. How much money should I bring cause I'm probablly gonna buy merch there?

also any tips to enjoy my first show to the fullest would be great thanks
Wear comfortable shoes, it sounds obvious, but you dont wanna stand for ages in ****ty trendy things when you just wanna stand in nice trainers.
you can avoid mosh pits, just dont go near the middle-front of the dance floor. if you get in one there really not that bad. wear comfortable shoes. money wise i usually bring 20 to concerts. i've been to TONS of concerts and 20 is usually enough.
=O avoid moshpits? who'd wanna do that haha, yeah, i'd say comfy clothes/shoes as said already, and around 20-40 dollars, and if youre near the moshpit, even if you arent in it, watch out, they'll make you a part of it if youre close enough hah

and i dont have any advice on the skatepark thing =/ im not anywhere close to Memphis.
Mosh pit occupies between 0 and 50 per cent of the floor. Usually around 30 per cent. Easy to avoid.

Even if there's only 1 or 2 people between you and the moshing, it's easy to stay out of.