i dropped my amp kinda, from like a foot off the ground while i slipped on my stairs, and i never really used the reverb on it much, but now that i use it, it seems to make a loud humming sound which gets louder as i turn it up. it's like that even if i turn all other knobs down, and i doesn't seem to be doing anything. you think it got screwed up when it fell? and what can i do to get it repaired?
first of all, the traynor is a piece of ****. i had one, and it is horrible. after a year, it started humming like crazy for no reason. my advice, is dont spend money trying to fix it. its not spring reverb, so i would assume it,just like mine, is cheap and starting to fade. in april i had to have it cranked to get any reasonable volume. so, i wouldnt waste anymore money on it. eventually, it will crap out. they are horrible quality amps, and you will be much happier with an upgrade (if you give me a budget, style of music ill make suggestions).
actually, it is spring reverb. and this isn't a free 'rant on traynor' thread, as i'm pretty satisfied with my amp, and i don't need your opinions on it. i just wanna know how hard it'd be to fix it.
wait how did you know what kind of amp he had?

Yeah my fender Amp did this and it ha spring reverb

But i dont really care cause im getting a new one soon

Oh!! and i like your quote s.r.v.
hm i thought it was digital. ok go blow your money taking it to an amp tech, which is what most people will suggest. its not going to last long, and this is the start of it going downhill. reviews on musiciansfriend show most people have had the same problem. glad you like it though, i guess if you like feedback, hiss, bad volume, and horrible tone this amp fits you. enjoy
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and Sir_awsomeness what kind of amp do you have
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You may have knocked a spring loose, or mucked up a connection. If you can get at the reverb pan, pull out the jacks going into it and clean them off. If that doesn't work, you can get another reverb unit for about $30 at mojotone.com and just plug it in where the old one was.
the reverb tank is easy to take out if you want to. just take off hte lowest wooden part on the back, and the reverb tank it the gold box. unscrew it, then post pictures. if you REALLy want to save the amp. id say let it go, but i guess you dont care