i was in a guitar store about an hour ago looking at the marshall amps. i was looking at the new vintage moderns and on top of it there was a picture of slash sitting infront of a vintage modern and it said something about it. i asked the one guy that works there about it and he said that slash is now using the vintage modern instead of his signature model. did any one else hear/ know this? is it true?
Marshall paid him to advertise the JVM, I don't know whether or not he's using them live.
Marshall may have paid him to have JVMs onstage as well, and he may just have a jubilee mik'd offstage or whatnot, so there's no way of knowing, really.
I wouldn't believe it if he did.
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he said in TG that he used his signature to record and his JVM for live. But it could be the other way round i cant remember tbh
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Well if Slash is using the Vintage Modern nowadays don't get it. His tone on She Drives Quick Machines is nowhere as good as his old one was.
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Slash was quoted as saying that the vintage modern sounds like his sig amp "but tighter" and towards the end of recording of libertad he used it, and he was going to use it live - its true - he has started using the vintage modern. But he has also started using vox amps and strats as on suckertrain blues - i doubt he will drop his wall of signature amps, but whoever sees him live next, please elaborate!!!
i wouldnt think he would need money if marshall were to offer him some to use the vintage modern, i would have thought he would only use what he likes best, unless hes just a money grabbing bastard
Ehh.... Vintage Moderns are pretty meh, he's obviously getting paid.
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^ They maybe meh, but alot of touring musicians are turning to them so they must apply somewhere
They sound brilliant when cranked. Like great. But at low volumes they're very meh. That's probably why alot of people are turning to them...

Either that or endorsement money. They're probably offering the same endorsement money as for the MG, only it means they (te artist) don't have to affiliate themselves with the MG. Could be an interesting marketing move.
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looks like a vintage modern to me.
I also remember reading an interview with slash where he says it's his new amp and loves everything about it.
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