So I've decided to pick up a Yamaha FG730s. I have one at my local shop for $320. It's a got some shop wear on it but other than that it seems fine. Or I could buy it from musiciansfriend with a hardcase for $340. What do you guys think? Advice?

I'm thinking about trying to talk them down, any pointers?
Just because your local shop is 20 less does not mean better value. I would fork out the extra $ and pick it up from MF.
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The guy talking about shipping not being reliable, MF has a guarentee for damage free shipping.
Birdie Birdie in the sky, why'd you do that in my eye? Looks like Sugar, Tastes like sap.....OMG ITS BIRDIE CRAP!
I would buy the guitar for $300 and a hardshell case for $40, for a total of $340, shipping is free. Or I could get just the guitar for $320.
Well, you should try the guitar out at the shop first. Before buying. Always if that is possible. On whether you should buy off the internet, well I dunno. I'm not great at barganing but maybe if you brought up a hard case, they might stick it in for free, if you go about it the right way. Wait out before buying so some other people can tell you more about barganing.
$340 flat to have the guitar and hardcase shipped to my door. $320 is just the price of the guitar at the shop...with tax it'd probably come up to be a good deal more. I've tried the piece out and I love it.
Even if you had a GC near you and could talk them down on the guitar, I suppose tax would add to the total, plus you'd have to drive there and back (gas, plus being in the store would ensure that you'd spend more money on other things, if you're like me).
I got the same guitar...got it at guitar center for $300 but that was over a year ago, and the case cost a little more. Great guitar though, always seem to get compliments
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I like to support the local shops, since I enjoy the face-to-face "customer care" you receive at such a place. Not to mention there IS variation between guitars of the same model. It's probably less likely with a mass produced model like this, but if you ever go for a bigger ticket, some $1000+ Martin or whatever it's definitely worth playing the individual guitars to see which one you favor. There are some real dogs and some real gems. The one in the shop might be a gem and the one you get from MF a piece of crap. Oh, and most local shops will do a free setup on the guitar which is a nice benefit. So you don't have to wait for the guitar to ship AND when you take it home it will play like you want it to.