so i got these pedals
Boss ds-1
Boss ce-20
Boss dd-6
dunlop cry baby

and i was thinkin i want to sell them all and buy a Boss Me-50 multieffact
it have all the effects and alot more so is it a good or a bad decision?
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It's an okay decision. But honestly you have all the effects you need right in those 4 pedals you have, unless you are an effects junkie.
naaah. Keep adding more pedals. Any other day i would have said go for the Multi but, you already have some good ones, so keep em'.
I'd just keep the pedals. The multi with have more stuff. But that's all it really is, is stuff. You have what you need and can add on to that. Although the multi would be nice to clear up some floor room. But I still think you should stick with what you have.

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Keep the pedals. Chances are the multi-effect can't do everything at once, whereas all the pedals you have now can be combined together to create some cool ****.