so, anyone help me here, im looking for a decent metal guitar, I already have pretty good guitars, Ibanez Jem, Dean from Hell, but problem is, floyd roses annoy me, although they're a major part of my playing,

so any Ideas on a decent metal guitar, lowest tuning id go, is a full step down, i dont really like drop tunings, and it needs to sound mean, and no floyd rose, any ideas?

edit: I forgot, I'm not fond of emg's, so, if you can find something that doesnt use that, i'll give you an e-bj
PRS SE Custom. I don't get why people just don't go to a Guitar shop and try out guitars they want. Or go through threads already made for this crap. It's so annoying when people ask the same question like 80 times a day.
Quote by stephen_rettie
get a tremol-no
£50 put it on your tremelo equiped guitar and you can downtune easily

its not that I want to down tune, i just want a non floyd guitar,

and to the 2nd poster, I've tried the guitars that are around here, I don't like them, which is why I'm here now, the guitar center here just has strats and les paul, and the occasional, chugga chugga emg droped down to a whole nother E kind of guitar, I want something a bit megadethy, or testament
Stick with Ibanez's, they have great beginner, int, and expert guitars. Great for metal, or get myguitar, Washburn Idols, have work great with any distortion.