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post songs to impress girls here.

what acoustic guitar song would you play for her(him for any girls reading this question)?

what guitar song would you play for a large group?
or if one of your friends asked you to play?
or if another guitarist asked you to play?

also would you sing any of the songs?

DO NOT post opinions about whether or not playing guitar is an effective way to impress girls. if you are not posting songs, do not post. if you are posting smart ass songs (i.e. anything by slayer or fuck her gently), DON'T.

so seriously, don't post dumb stuff.
copeland - "brightest"

if you can sing it as well you are sure to get some poon tang
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uh john mayers early ghey stuff...
damien rice has some of that girl attracting stuff.
guster/dispatch depending
Wonderwall by Oasis

I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you know...

****ed if I know what the song is about but just stare into her eyes when you sing that line and then you can unzip your pants fo sho.
assuming you can actually sing, any Elliott Smith song will do wonders.

I got a special song that I use. It's called show her my wang, and it works every time.
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Howie Day - Collide. Easy to play so you can concentrate on you singing. SCORE!
Sigs are too hard to think up
Crash into me by Dave Matthews Band might be alright to play for her.
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I'll follow you into the dark by Death Cab.
Although, I don't know why a woman would want to listen a song that isn't original about them. IF you did love/like/wanna impress the girl, write something original, not the common used songs.
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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Guardian Angel.

Not everybodys 'cup of tea' but it may work.

Not really right but I like the song, so heck:

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
"Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
"Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional (good luck singing it)
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I'll agree with most of them. Write something yourself. That is what really gets them.

Collide - Howie Day works good too. Nothing like a song written about them though. I wrote a song for my friend when she was sick and every day since she gives me a big hug and thanks me for it and how she listens to it to make her feel better.

It works wonders
incubus - i miss you
hider - lips of an angel
NIN - **** you like an animal

depends on the girl....

dont play it FOR the girl, just play it. then she will get all flustered and want it to be for her and you will get her.*

*these statements have not been evaluated in real life.
I would play You Belong To Me by Jason Wade. Play neon by john mayer, too. That'll flat out impress her. It's not that hard, either.
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Wonderwall by Oasis

I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you know...

****ed if I know what the song is about but just stare into her eyes when you sing that line and then you can unzip your pants fo sho.

You win.
"Haven't we Met" or "When Sunny Gets Blue" by kenny rankin. Assuming you're good vocaly.

If you want an instrumental, you can do an acoustic version of always with me, always with you without the tapping part... I think... with someone to back you up with percs
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Writing something acoustic and sweet always works. Other than that Damien Rice (Canonball), Eric Clapton (Wonderful Tonight), Nickelback (So Far Away) or anything that you know she likes...that's generally a good idea but writing something for her is the best idea.
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you're beautiful - james blunt
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I personally think the acoustic "See You Soon" by Coldplay is extremely beautiful. It's in an alternate tuning and it just sounds .. "different"
Yes...that and sparks by coldplay....both good songs...but yes I would agree with you Herr Jones....kudos to you....
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only if she is into those bands which im not but i did learn those songs just in case. <--- my band check it out!
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if you don't really know her than get with a group of friends and sing a song that everyone should know. - I ues Lips Of An Angel- tell everyone to sing along and just have fun and make sure you act like it's nothing.

then make a move... unless your a pussy... if she likes you or digs it then you should be able to tell. just make sure you make eye contact as much as possible.

after you start talking or get to know her better tell her to "listen to this..."
then play some song about a secert crush or something like that(try not to make it an "i love you... i love you" song), be mysterious. and play this song seriously.

i've done it twice already... my friends realized what i was doing and they can't play guitar... so yeah... i need new friends

oh yeah... if your actually tring to get a relationship out of playing guitar GOOD LUCK
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James Taylor 'Something in the way she Moves"
If she's under 25 she's probably never heard it and will think you wrote it.
If she's over 25 she's probably heard it and wished some guy felt that way about her
Elvis Presely - "I can't help falling in love with you"

it is a classic.. you can't go wrong if you can actually play it

and ive also use daughters from john mayer... they say it melts hearts! lol
I daresay that songs will NOT get you chicks.

However, if you determined to do so, I recommend Nirvana's Teen Spirit. It seriously works wonders.

Another suggestion: Get her to play you a song, preferably one she wrote herself.

Tell her how fantastic it sounds, and how you think she's got the potential to be a star, and how you know this guy who's a producer and you'd like to help get her demo recorded.

This will probably get you laid once or twice. If you're after any more action than that, you'll end up having to actually become her manager. Which may not be too bad if she's actually got talent. There are worse career paths and your relationship won't consist of sitting on the couch watching TV.

But as I said, if she actually has no talent, or you don't actually have the skills or connections to produce an album, then this is only good for one night stands.
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