hey guys few months ago i bought an mia fender strat hardtail edition and since then i've been wanting to get one with a tremolo.

i've been trying to sell it but it's tough as hell and noone is willing to trade a standard for a hardtail (as everyone wants to use a tremolo)

so i'm thinking if i should just buy a new one if i should just get a mexican and upgrade it. i'm not interested on dumping 1000$+ on another usa name.

i know that it tends to be hit or miss with mexicans, but anyone who has an upgraded mexican (or any other country) how is it and what did you upgrade onit?
Dude, MIM Strats are just as good as American. There's just slight differences. But you're basically getting the same guitar and you'll still have to replace pickups to get rid of hum.
i have a mexican strat with a kirk hammet pickguard thing, it has an emg 81 in the bridge and 2 emg single coils in the neck and middle. i also plan on putting a floyd rose in it soon. i love it.
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the difference

MIM were made by mexicans in mexico

MIA made by mexicans in California


i have an MIM strat and it was made better than many Americans i have played.

I Upgraded the pickups

and i love it
yeah just replace the pickups and you'll be fine

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if you do some searching at whatever guitar store u decide to buy from u can find a MIM that is just as good if not sometimes better than certain MIAs. good luck with your search m8
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Cant u just put a trem on the one you have? but for ur question, MIM Strats are just as good as American ones, just made by differently located Mexicans as Sir Awesomeness Pointed out
why no get a japanese fender? not the recently made ones but one that was made like 10 or more years ago?
American Deluxe dude, it's amazing. (Nevermind just read that you didnt want to dump more than 1k into it)
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