i was looking at my guitar collection the other day, and noticed that they are pretty much all super-strats or rather "metally" (im not even a metal-head :P).

im starting Uni in october and am looking for a decent guitar that will cover alot of bases stylistically.

i dont have a whole lot of money, so im looking for something "affordable" (but not ****e!!!) and has good versatility.

anyone got any suggestions? if possible, i would like some that are a little more imaginative than "fender strat" or "epi les paul".

my budget is a couple of hundred quid. oh yeah and im in the UK.

PS. just trying again, see if i can get differing opinions
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around £200ish, im poor with all the fees and stuff now, so cant spend the earth, but at the same time, im not expecting the earth, just something that is good value for money, playable, and sounds alright
to be honest, a Strat or Les Paul is probably the most versatile guitar you'll get- you can probably get some cheap version for 200 or so.
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Just go shopping for a used guitar, or use your superstrats. What is unversatile about a super strat?
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The Yamaha Les Paul copy models seem pretty decent for the money. You should also check out the lower end PRS guitars and the non-US made Dean Hardtails. All of these seem to be pretty decent guitars for not much money.
If you're looking for versatility, some kind of HSS Strat would probably do it. A Yamaha Pacifica would be a possible investment. Alternatively, you could look into something with P90s (more for fun than versatility).

One thing I will recommend is you look through Vintage's range. They're cheap yet good copies of popular guitars, and many of them are versatile.
ibanez are more versatile imo. find a decent one of those. plus if all of your guitars are super strats sell one n get a good ibanez. an s470 would be good
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Yamaha Pacifica gets my vote. If your going to get a Vintage, don't get one with a locking trem. They're very poor quality. I would say the Pacifica is your best bet. Awesome guitars just not top of the range.
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lol, Your needs in a guitar just point to a Superstrat.

I have to agree with that, I went into the city once to an Ibanez Guitar Clinic by Doug Doppler, and he was showing what his S Series could do. The HSH thing is really versatile, sounded like (not exactly like) a strat, tele and les paul in one.
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Just go shopping for a used guitar, or use your superstrats. What is unversatile about a super strat?

Exactly. Superstrats are extremely versatile. Especially those with HSH or HSS configurations.