just something i wanted to ask. Now take in account years, or months doesnt matter how long after. days,weeks,months, or years.
i got my second one after a year of playing (Y)
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6 weeks...yeh my guitar was crap and i had a job (good times)
i had a crappy squier strat for 3 years until i got my mexican strat
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a year. and wasn't something just like this done earlier today?
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About half a year after getting my electric I got an acoustic, and a year after getting my electric I got another electric.

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well istarted with my sisters first act acoustic... three four months later i got my epi... then last christmas my grandma brought me a wonderful classical guitar from mexico... about a week ago i bought a five string bass... and now im hoping to buy a tele with birthday money from friends (might get an orange instead... not sure yet)
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Played on an Ibanez acoustic for 4 years then got Am. Std. Strat.
Was worth the wait.

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8 years
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a year and a half
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About a year.

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current guitars or first and second guitars EVER? well current guitars i got my second one about 2-3 months after the 1st and first ever guitar i got the second i think about 4 months after i started but to be fair it was only £95.

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2 years...a strat pack to a gibson

i wish i was more like you!

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