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Laney VC30-212
15 71%
Marshall DSL410
6 29%
Voters: 21.
Okay, so we're basically down to 2. The Laney won the last poll hands down, but the Marshall DSL401 has caught my eye. Please cast your votes above.

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Nah, The JCm and Plexi are both out of my price range. And I'm not after a stack either.
Ebay doesn't have any JCM800s. Theres one, but it's just a speaker, you need to by a head.
You could easily find a Jcm 800 for the price of the Dsl401 or even cheaper.

Much better over all than those two imo!

What do you play?

the Marshall is more modern voiced and suited to more heavier genres and its cleans are only alright!

the Laney is more vintaged voiced for classic and modern-ish rock, and the cleans are pretty good!

Over all between those two the Laney beats it tone wise but at the same time near opposite amps!
So, can I take the DSL410 out of the picture? Please, feel free to still make suggestions. I'm still trying to stick in the 500 to 600 AUD price range. 800 AUD would be my maximum threshold, probably.
That laney isn't much of an amp. Mine broke 3 months after i bought it and I didn't even get a new one because both of the channels were just OK. I bought a fender hot rod instead because i have a great OD pedal and the clean channel on the fender is incredible.

if you ask me its better to buy an amp with 1 channel being amazing and the other not as good, then to buy an amp with both channels being just ok.
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Laney > Marshall.

The AD is very nice, alittle complicated, but its a good versatile amp for the money. I'd love one just to play about with, good for classic rock etc. not much in the way of metal. But tis nice.