I like to play blues and rock, also some cleans needed. Therefore, I have been looking at the Blues Jr. combo and waiting to see how the Peavey Windsor combo will sound (if it ever comes out). However, recently the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 has peaked my interest, and wonder what anyone thinks about leaning towards the Mesa, even though it is 2-3 times the amount of $ of the Windsor and Blues Jr.?

Need to make a determination if I'm paying for the name 'Mesa' or actually worth the extra money, along with a few more functions and tone (or did I just answer my own question)?

Well it depends if YOU think it's worth the difference in price.

It'll sound a lot different to the Blues Jr or Windsor.

Go and find it and play it, see what you think.
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I'm using a 5:25. It sounds very different with my Strats compared to my humbucker equipped Parker. The cleans sparkle nicely, and when driven hard, the breakup to a blues or classic rock sound is very smooth. You can overdrive the preamp tubes or the power tubes and achieve a different effect (single ended 5W mode or push-pull 25W). The 5W single ended mode is surprisingly loud BTW. I can get filthy blues, Santana dirty or clean, Zeppelinish tones, Dire Straits or early Sabbath easily. My favorite is using a Keeley Fuzz Head into the Blues channel or clean channel with a Keeley Compressor. The 5:25 is definitely worth the money IMO. Find one and play it before deciding.
I know you looked at the express, but Have you checked out the Lonestar? Its a much better amp in my opinion. The Cleans are a whole lot better than the express and the overdrive is smoother, but still has plenty of gain to get into hardrock territory.
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I think the Express has Fender like cleans, or atleast the 5:50 does.
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The Express is a great amp for your rock, blues & cleans. I enjoyed it more than the other amps I tried (including several Peaveys, Traynors, Fenders & Marshalls) and thought it was worth it. The Lone Star Special exceeded my budget, but it is also a fine amplifier.

If you are looking for something less expensive than Mesa's higher-end amps, that is portable, versatile, tonalicious and loud, the Express is great. It won't do death metally tones without additional effects, but it does nearly everything else well. For more details & crits, check out my ug review.