I just bought a used vox v847 from someone. It is in perfect shape and everything works fine. He tested it out the morning before and it was working fine. I plugged it in at home, with a new battery and my guitar played fine, except no wah wah. It was as if I was plugged straight into the amp. I know the pedal isnt broken because this happened once with my friends but I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any sugguestions? Thanks
u have to engage it

push on it all the way forward then hit it hard with ur foot...thats how u bypassdont bypass the pedal
have you got it plugged in the right way?
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Check the dials if you have an effects knob on your amp make sure it is on Effects and not Dry. Make sure you have the cables running through the pedal correctly otherwise you'll get guitar input but no effect pedal input.
It is plugged in correctly, I know not to turn it off every time I bring my toe down (common sense). The settings on the amp are fine. Although this seems weird, my friend has the same pedal and it happened to him but somehow got fixed so I'm rly confused
Yeah, my Crybaby GBC-95 is doing the exact same thing, and theres only one inpu, output, and Adapter plug so I don't think I can plug it in the wrong way? I use it with a 9V Adapter, but I wonder if its the adapter plug thats broken? Would the sound still carry through the pedal without the effect if theres no power source to the pedal?