i took out my crappy strat copys pickguard to paint it for fun and then i put it back in but now its not working, im not sure whats wrong i did a continuity test but i dont know what to do now, help?
I don't know much about strats, but did you paint it with the pickups attatched, and the continuity turned out ok?
no i spray painted it, i took the whole thing apart and i have it seemingly all the way back together but its not working
i downloaded a wiring diagram and it is wired right, and i did a continuity test between the volume pot and the output jack and it is working. there is only that wire and the ground i had to disconect so im not sure whats not working
by any chance did you wire them backwards? "not insaulting but it does happens" I'm trying to think of something, i'll get back to yah in a bit after some research if someone doesn't get it before me.
i just tried unsoldering it and redoing it and it fixed it. it works now wheooo! gotta go to GC and get strings though, i had just stolen 1 from my other guitar to test it lol. thanks for help my guess is it just must have been a poor connection cuz i did it the same the second time
ah that was going to be my next question, but i didn't find anything too much researching. Cept also the possiblity of a cable snap inside of the cable sleeving. "rare" but it happens. but glad to hear it's fixed.
Well what I do is I hook it up to my amp AT LOW VOLUME!! IN THE CLEAN CHANNEL then I just mess around with the wiring until I hear it working again then figure out where it is and just resolder the junction. <I don't know if it's really amp friendly though>
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^ That should probably be fine, as long as there aren't any big, potentially speaker-damaging pops coming from it.