So I'm thinking about picking up a very nice wah because I love wahs and I want to get the most out of it. I was at my local guitar store (which kicks GCs ass) and they had a number of RMC wahs which my pedal guy proclaimed to be the best possible wah around. I'd never heard of them but read their site (http://www.realmccoycustom.com/) and they seem pretty darn good.

My question is, does anyone know how these wahs compare overall to a fulltone? Because I've heard so much about the fulltone wah buy my pedal guy said these are possibly better. Thanks!
I've got a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah, and a Blues Jr like you.

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So I've heard lol. But I love my pedal guy. How much is the fulltone again? like 300?
trevor, delete this thread, if micah says the rmc is the best you can get, he's right because

a-He's 10000000x better than you at guitar
b-Knows more about pedals then anyone in this galaxy
c-He's ****ing Micah
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