Hi everyone!

Well, i made the original addictions thread, so i decided i make a new one since it was pretty big.

Anyways, the question is what are you guys addicted to at the moment?

for me..its gum
i go through a pack a day.

Dont say masturbation.

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Metroid Fusion
I just picked it up again and I can't stop until I get 100% item collection
mints used to get through 6 packs of polos a day + 1 or 2 of those extra strips and maybe 2 packs of extra mints but i've eased off of it I started to shake and feel really cold after eating so many, and to a lesser extent guitar
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arizona ice tea
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Blackcurrent and licorice sweets
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Metroid Fusion
I just picked it up again and I can't stop until I get 100% item collection

I actually just finished watching a 100% Speed Run for that game.
Crack! not really. I'm addicted to Reese peanut butter cups
I go through atleast 3-4 packs a day
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I go through a hell of a lot of gum as well. I'm pretty much.. always chewing on it.

Painting mostly


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Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Red Diamond.
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Red Bull and Marlboro Reds.
I've been having a Red Bull every day for almost three years now. If I try to go a day without it I suffer from a terrible headache.
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Fig Nuton bars..and i just had two of them and i've been up for only 10 minutes.. :P
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marlboro lights, and malteasers.
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listening to Iron Maiden.

that and being lazy...
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I used to have a pretty unhealthy addiction to Fruit&Nut clubs. I'm talking an 8 pack a day. But now just the smell makes me feel sick.
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Smiddys right...
skins on channel 4
[Younger and Prettier But Not Anymore Better Off]
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skins on channel 4

Yeah, I love it.

Not an addiction, but I download every episode 10 mins after it aired

Nothing really I can think of that I'd call an addiction.
Pepsi (3-4 cans a day)
Eclipse Cinnamon Mints (At least a container a day, 50 mints)
Bejeweled 2 (Playing it right now, I'm destined to beat Endless mode...)
12 Stones (I can't stop listening to Potter's Field. Such a great album)
KFC Twisters (That ranch dressing is so good)
Playing my guitar (Obviously because I have nothing better to do all day)
MSN (Add me)

That's all I can think of for now...
Doctor Who. I just love Doctor Who.
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