Hey people, Ive been teaching myself guitar, and I can play a couple songs tab wise and a couple songs chord wise that I either wrote or learned. But as for lead guitar, really wanting to get good at it, Ive never really done it but i was looking at some video lessons and I came across a lesson on the blues scale, it involved Hammers and Pulls,

Anyways my question, would just going up and down the blues scale help at all? faster and faster and with less mistakes improve me at all?

also I think just practicing hammers and pulls would help.. i hate doing those with my pinky.

It helps, any practice fretting helps and it's the best way to learn to get fast, if you always play songs and no warmups you get stuck alot, they always teach you to do warmups.
going up and down the scale (with a metronome if possible) will help you play the scale better. However, in order to get good at soloing you have to expand your playing beyond just one scale. its better to use scales to figure out what notes will sound good while playing in a certain key rather than just going up and down different parts of the scale while soloing.
hope that helps a little
So how many blues scales are their?

I want to learn them all like the back of my head.
is there a good place to get them in tab form.. like with the 5 strings and the Numbers on them.
Ideally you should take a step back and actually learn a bit of the theory behind the scale - it'll help you understand why it works and it means you'll have a better understanding of how to use it.
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