My cousin is trying to sell his Ibanez SR300DX bass guitar. He says it's a Soundgear (I don't have much experience with Ibanez). 2 questions:

1) Is this Ibanez Soundgear like a Fender Squire?

2) Is $100 US asking too much for it? He wants to sell it but I don't know what a reasonable asking price would be.

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thats not a bad bass. for $100, it should sell fast. it's probably worth slightly more, but it may take longer to sell it. i say it's worth around $150.
well its a $280 bass, and i always aim for around half of what i payed for something at least, so i would go like lespaulstudio said, somewhere around $140 or $150
130 is most i'd pay. Actually I wouldn't buy one but yeah post 150 and sell for no less than 130.
I just sold a sr305 for $150 a couple of weeks ago, and I knocked off a few bucks cause the guy bought an amp I was selling at the same time, so I'd say $100-$150 is a decent price for the 4 string. Ask for $150 when you're selling it and see what you can negotiate, you should be able to top $100 for sure.

They're passable basses, sound ok and are pretty fast playing, I would put it slightly above most squires personally, but perhaps not some of the vintage modified ones.
i agree with the others i wouldnt pay more than £100-£150. is it in good condition?
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I currently have that exact Bass. And of course its worth $100US, thats a joke amount to pay its worth quite a bit more than that.

I'm actually trading mine in & upgrading to a SR506 Already ordered it
I'm getting $500AU for mine & its at about $650AU NEW
ElCapitan143, if your cousin is still trying to sell his SR300DX (it is indeed a Soundgear, by the way) then please, please be advised that it is WAY better than any Fender Squier! Personally, I've never even so much as laid hands on a Squier, but that's because its reputation precedes it - I've heard several horror stories of how it has literally fallen to pieces almost as soon as it's out of the damned box! Yes, OK, it's a Fender, but let's not kid ourselves - it's very poorly built and using the cheapest materials out there. Avoid.

I would have thought that $100 was very reasonable - too reasonable, possibly. Fair enough, the SR300DX has been discontinued, but I should definitely advise your cousin to invite offers over $100 rather than settle on a fixed price which seems to me to be a bit on the low side.

Hope this helps. John.