Serious band looking for a serious vocalist?

Well, you found what you are looking for because I am a serious vocalist looking for a serious band

Any band looking for a metal/rock vocalist, please let me know. I have a wide vocal range, skilled at writing lyrics and making melodies; could scream very well, and sometimes rap, have a strong passion and work ethic. I could do a lot of things with the microphone because I am confident to say that I have a strong potential to become a great vocalist. I've worked with two different bands back in high school (for 4 years), been taking voice classes and singing in the choir for 6 years, very melodic- could do anything heavy but have a mellow side. I have composed original song, and could compose melodic choruses very well.

Along with that, I perform in open mike events in my school, and have been called to be "the reason for the show".
I am a very strong lyricist as well. I have won several poetry contest with the lyrics I write. I am not boasting; I am just very desperate to be in a band who is as motivated as I am because this is my truest passion

My biggest influence are bands like

Underoath (I could sing both vocal parts with ease),
Chester Bennington (From Linkin Park),
Taking Back Sunday
Norma Jean
Killswitch Engage

and some other bands I forgot to mention

If you are looking for a very serious front man who is ready to lead a band, please let me know. I am looking for a band who would be as dedicated and motivated as I am. I am not just any vocalist, I promise you. I can't live without a microphone because singing is like breathing to me.

So hit me up!
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dude.... your my hero. Where do you live? I'd be extremely intrested in starting a band up. I'm a guitarist and I've been looking around for ANY other musicians who want to start a serious passionate band. I'll play any genre of music and I've composed and recorded several songs, and I'm still writing more.
I'm 16 years old and I live in Mebane, I get my liscense in october so traveling will be no problem then. I really don't know of any other musicians around who are that dedicated but I'm open to looking and playing with anyone. If you wanted to ,we could work on writing some stuff and waiting until we get some people together or whatever. We could even work it out that i send you the recorded music, you record yourself singing over it and i mix it all together.
Just let me know if you wanna work something out.
I live in Pembroke, North Carolina...yea, u can send me the recording music, man...and
You really think you could? We live around Holly Springs, its not HORRIBLY far away. But, you can drive. None of us have our licences, but they will soon. We're sophomores and juniors in highschool, I'm not sure if you care about that. But, we'll be glad to have you audition!

EDIT: we can get places, but we wouldn't be able to go out to Durham. We usually practice at our drummer's house.

Facebook if you're interested, but you won't get much from it.

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I live in Pembroke, North Carolina...yea, u can send me the recording music, man...and

Just click my name and check out my ultimate-guitar profile for some of my stuff. I dont have a Facebook though. Pembroke is a couple hours away. Pretty far away, so i dont really see that working out. Maybe we could collaborate on something online instead. Check out some of my stuff and just tell me what you would wanna do.
what are your locations? (to those people who replied)

Anymore bands looking for a vocalist?
I live in Jacksonville, and my band's looking for any musicians.
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Would you be up for any internet collaborations? That is, I'd record the music and send it to you to record vocals over it?