I've had an Epi LP Custom Alpine White for about 7 months. Barely used it, never liked the feel of it- now i have a Hellraiser FR and have to sell it. What would you guys pay for it? The only cosmetic flaw is that it's missing the screw holding the pick guard down. It doesn't move around without it, it's just not there. It'd cost literally 50cents to replace but i never got around to it.
i have a price range i just wanna hear what you guys think so i know that i'm not low balling myself
id say start at $500, then if your having trouble selling it, bring it down to $450, then $400, but no less than that.
Youve been............ THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!!!!!!
I was thinkin $400 at the lowest, i think $500 is a little on the greedy side but i might start there.
It happened the same to me. When I got it was OK, but after a month or so started hating it. The shame is I still have it, and it's been more than a year. I'm also selling mine; I'd say something about $500 is a pretty fair price (I'm selling mine for about about $650 since it's a limited edition, with SD's and it's still in mint condition :P)
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