Im starting to play more reggae and stuff like that. so i was wondering what amp settings and any pedals that i need to get to get a better reggae sound.
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I think they mostly use a thinner, almost single-coily sound to them. Lots of trebley mids.

It's more in the technique itself than the specific settings sometimes. Pick close to the bridge.

See if it works, might be total BS, who knows.
I've been getting really into reggae for the past two months or so, and I can tell you that the most important thing is to have the tone knob cranked and the bridge pickup solo'd. Don't listen to anyone telling you to only use singles, you can if you want, but hums work great as well. Look at Marley or even Bradley Nowell of Sublime, both of whom used hums. My personal sound involves a cheapy semi-hollow with hums, running through a solid state amp with the bass and treble cranked and the mids completely cut, with slight reverb. Sounds great considering combined, the amp and guitar cost me $325.

As for effects, don't use distortion, that should be obvious. Phasers and flangers are cool but not necessary. Wah pedals help a ton also, even if you're just leaving it in one position as a filter.
The main thing with reggae is the strumming pattern - if you get that right it doesn't matter what settings you have on your amp, it'll always sound like reggae.
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