me and some of my friends are trying to start a band together, two of us have been playing for years, i've only been playing for one year, and the last two have just started learning (well, you cant really "play" your voice i guess). now two of the other members think that we should kick out our bassist, only because he doesnt have a bass yet. but the guitar i have isnt exactly something you would play. its a mini-flying v. its good for learning how to play, but thats about it. now the bassist is my best friend, we've known each other since birth. i dont really know what to do
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how about telling him to F.O.D until he learns how to play a bass, which should be about 5 minutes...and tell him to get a bass or you have to get another person. and id say get some expierence and a nicer guitar, but my guitar is crappy myself so i cant tell you that.

good luck in the future though.
yeah get a little more experience on ya before you try to make a band.
So... you going to kick out of your "band" a bassist that doesn't have a bass?
And you play a Flying Vee-Wee?

Seriously now... If the dude doesn't have a bass you guys can't really kick him out, and I know by experience that bassists are impossible to find(and good ones are like finding a unicorn).
Just wait till the dude gets his bass, and if the other dudes bitch just tell them to try and find another bassist, I bet they won't.
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ur not a band yet, once you have a full band with instruments and you know e/os playing, then your a band
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maybe give him some time to get a bass?
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get a bassist that has a bass. seriously.
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You could:

A) wait till he gets a bass, but it'll take time for him to get good.

B) Get a different bassist

C) Replace him but have him contribute to the band in a different way. As in having him promote the band, take pics of the band at gigs, etc.
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ok here is my advice. I have personal experience. trust me.

my good friend was the singer for the band but he stunk at singin, long story on how we let him do it in the first place. but anyways, we didnt have a bass player so we let him do the job. he doesnt have a bass yet, and let alone that he didnt know how to play in the first place. plus he doesnt show up for practice. either way, we found someone else to play bass who has one, and can play it. My advice is this:

you guys need to find people who an actually play and have an instrument and their own gear. I know hes one of your best friends but since he doesnt have a bass yet hold off on letting him in. plus if you havent even got the band going yet, you could hold off till he gets one. dont makea scene man since your bands only starting out.
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my friends are pressuring me even more to get rid of him now. just today they told me that they want me to become the bass for the band instead of playing rythm guitar. i keep telling them that i want to give him time to get a bass and that its not really fair to kick him out because of that seeming how i only have my dads v (which is more of a learning guitar).
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