a'ight guys, i have $30, and BEFORE you start with your "n00b! n00b! ban him for thinking you can buy an amp worthy of a guitar for under $ENTER N00B PRICE HERE!!"

...alright at this point, your all probably dumbfounded because of the above paragraph, thinking, what the heck is this guy talking about?
allow me to explain.

all right.
are you going to allow me?
i cant hear you im sorry.
uhm just post instead

now then
on to my question
witch is why you came here (unless you were looking for nachos - in that case, lemme redirect you to http://food.yahoo.com)

i need a amp i dont care if its good or not, i just need an amp for small-to-somewhat-bigger-than-small gigs. i have a 10-watt now, what can you guys recommend? (have you heard of the show the price is right? well in this case, the price is wrong. tell me the cheapest amp EVER that suits my needs whether it be on eBay, musicians friend, or mikel jackson's back yard, just amp me up baby)
i recommend you go to ur local guitar store for that, find out what the cheapest amp for that kinda thing is they have there, then go look for one even cheaper on ebay or something.
im not telling you its impossible but u might not have much luck for 30 dollars

look at ur guitar stores used amps maybe?

pawn shops?

or save up
first off, i only needed to read one sentence out of that whole thing. you are not a commedian. that was like a cake left in the oven for too long; USELESS ****!

now, i got a crate MX10 when i first started playing, USED FOR 40 DOLLARS!! if you are looking to play gigs, i would suggest a 100-125 watt amp. get a crate half stack. like 500 dollars. if your looknig to make money, you will need to spend money.

oh my god. what happened to this wretched world..
30$? I don't think that's possible dude... maybe if get someone to steal one for ya?
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thats not really possible if you want a gigging amp...maybe give a friend your money to let you borrow his amp.
I wont call you a n00b, I will just class this as a mistake. Just save a bit more money. Get a cube like said above. Its very cheep, but very reliable. Under 200$. Don't get one for 30$. Even if you could find one, it wouldn't be worth it.
thank god i came in here looking for nachos...

but seriously. used or pawn shop is they way to go with little money
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find a electronics pace that sells refurbished stuff
they usually sell
fender stuff
i cant say anything for 30 bucks but i have this nice little drive amp sitting in my bedroom...100 bucks and 30 watts...basic and sparkly clean with a nice od as well...if you want more info on it just pm me...im sure it will work for gigs and its really light...under 20 lbs
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Look into "Attitude" magazine too, they have a pretty extensive classifieds section.
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Save up some more serioulsy I think it's literally impossible to get an amp higher than 10 watts for that.
You'll be able to buy a microcube or that small vox amp for under $100 I think but if you can sretch it to like a Vox AD15 which have one tube in the pre-amp or something so it'll be louder than a regular SS 15 watt.

this is the first amp i ever owned, its about 15cmx15cmx6cm, even has a little clip to strap it on your pants

i bought it on ebay for like 40bux, i thought it sounded pretty cool when i first started playing lol

its a Daphon portable mini amp

EDIT: $40AUD, at that time would've been like $35USD
No offense, but small to bigger-than-small gigs on a $30 amp?

I don't really see that realistically happening..
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well buy a tank of gas, drive to the junk yard, and search for an amp
Oh dear, TS is an idiot.

You say you own a 10-watt amp right? How much did you pay for that? You won't be able to find anything with more watts than that (if anything at all) for $30, don't be so cheap.
Funny words.