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I have some questions. I've been looking at guitars, and I'm lost at what I want to move onto next. I'm looking at 7 strings because I hear they have nice low riffs. I've also seen the acrylic B.C. rich's and wondered how they were. So many guitars so little time.

My playing style is very versitile but I do prefer the darker side of music >: )
if you want a 7 string, get an Ibanez. they make the best ones by far.

BC Rich = not very good. I have an N7 Warlock.. not great.
Your not the first one to tell me to get an Ibanez, but I have ran acrossed an extreme amount of low quality ibanez's costing a pretty penny... I belive these are called chinese knock offs. O.o but that's one vote for b.c. rich not being good
BC rich blows, my MM warlock was a pile of crap.
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schecter c7 hellraiser
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from my experiences, which are more than plenty, b.c. riches arent good unless you are going to spend alot of money, or buy vintage. ibanez seven strings are very good, if you are going to spend around 500 dollars. good luck finding a quality 7 string for 200 bucks. it just aint happenin unless you buy used and get lucky.
another vote for b.c. rich down.... now as for the schecter, I seen them. I didn't like the way the hellraiser looked, but I liked the Daimian series, but they don't have a 7 string with a trem... *cries* That's what i forgot to add.. I'm looking for a floyd in it too.
Hmmm a so so vote for b.c. getting intresting, as for the ibanez the one i was testing was a 7 string, idk the numbers, but the price was around 700 bucks usd
Most 7 strings don't have Trems. But some Ibanezes do. But if you don't like ibanezes then don't get a 7 string. Or get that BC Rich and be disappointed.
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lol, I like ibanez's they have great shapes, but the problem is there are a ton of fakes out there that are just crap. Not ibanez's fault... but they suffer for it. as for the bc rich, I'll just take that as another vote down lol
Bc Rich = pile of junk. Look into the Schecter c-7 hellraiser and the Ibanez 7 strings. Thats where you'll get a quality guitar. Don't get a Bc rich because they look "cool". The wood is butter the pickups are **** and the overall feel is pretty pathetic.
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another vote down for bc, i'm seeing a pattern, Lol and another Schecter hellraiser and ibanez
BC Rich = piece of crap from my experience. Although I haven't played on many 7 strings but I'll have to agree with all the other people here on Schecters and Ibanez as they are really good guitars.

Also you said you heard they have nice low riffs. Keep in mind you can tune a 6 strings to be pretty heavy. I also heard that 7 strings are not so much harder to play but different to play, so you might want to play on one before you get one. If you're looking for low riffs tune to like B or something (amon amarth). Thats what seven strings are anyways (BEADGBE) although I'm sure theres more than that
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guessing that one throws bc outa the selection really. surprisingly i havn't heard anything about ESP O.o
I dont like bc riches they look cool though.
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I didn't find any 7 strings on the website. But if they do make 7 strings, ESP is a very high quality guitar and you might want to consider that along with Schecter and Ibanez (that is, if ESP makes 7 strings :p)
they do, my buddy swears by them... but my buddy plays drums "LOL" sooooo guitar options from him. kinda waver me, but they do they have a signature model that's a 7 string, neck though
your budget is also a factor, how much do you want to spend?

I saw a 7 string Schecter for around 700$(c-1 hellraiser) an a low-end/high end Ibanez (300$, 2000$ lol) go to your local guitar center and try it out, I like the look of the hellraiser and they should sound good, nevermore uses them and so you see how it sounds as opposed to KoRn, who uses Ibanez, even though they have two totally different distortions
Lol, my range is up to/ around 700 usd, but if i find cheaper i'd take cheaper as long as it's good. My local guitar center is full of idiots... and they have a ton of them fake ibanez's Lol, ironicly

I tried them first, lol
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schecter c7 hellraiser

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Get it. It's great. All there is to it.
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700$ = perfect then I would go for the C-7 Hellraiser, its a very popular guitar
lol, my only problem is I don't really like the looks of the hell raiser, No dubt it's a great guitar. But a few of my buddies "2" have them and they are really not my style...
^ you don't like the looks of the hellraiser :O sin!!!!!! Look at the 2 different colours.....
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I was about to say they look alot better in person but since you've already seen it.

Not really much to tell you, I personally like it, if it isn't your style and you are focused on the look of your guitar then get the Stephen Carpenter 400$ one, It probably doesnt sound as good but it looks

So does the 200$ Ibanez, the point being, The C-7 is a great deal for its cost, its kind of medium-ranged in comparison to the other 7 strings out there
eh, the black just makes yah wonder why your paying for the flame top... you know sence you can't see it lol. but still doesn't fancy my eye.
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I'm going to add that viper to my list, and that shecter looks good, but kinda looks like the hellraiser minus the binding and the crosses lol.
^ oh well guess the hellraiser isn't for you. Never thought i'd see the day ahah. I'd definately look into the Ibanez 7 strings or the schecter 007 elite.
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the black hellraiser doesn't have a maple top.

Ah I assumed it would because it doesn't change the specs on it when you choose color, and the price doesn't change.
to be fair, the B.C.Richs mentioned above are far from good. The metal master warlock is almost a bronze series which is their lowest end which will obviously suck.

Going up in the range, their new 2007 range is very good. Original floyds on even the cheaper guitars, nicer pickups and neckthroughs. IMO among the best value for money.

BC rich necks are nice too. The thing is, I find as the price goes down, so does the attention to the neck. The metal masters I've played have crappy finishes on the neck and rough frets. Going a little higher to my afterburner warlock, the neck was very smooth. This was from the 2005-2006 series. In the new 2007 range, they've greatly increased quality and parts so keep that in mind.

I'm not sure how the acrylics would sound unless they are using actives. I'm pretty sure passives would sound horrible in those.

As for a seven-string, don't go B.C.Rich since they have few 7 string models. Instead go schecter. Very good value for money as well. Much cheaper than a comparable ibanez IMO. Otherwise in an ibanez, look at the s7320.
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I have a Bc rich from the 80's that rocks, but i guess its because they were made in Japan then. I don't really have a opinion on newer models, but the older models do kickass.
I really like B.C. Rich but I don't advise buying a BC 7 string.....
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Its a shame that BC Rich's reputation is tarnished by the stupid Bronze series like the Warlocks. Higher end ones are good guitars. Look at it this way: Do you judge Marshall soley by MG's? As for Ibanez's Chinese "knockoffs" you would be very surprised at the quality of some of them. The bottom line I guess is that some really good guitar and amp manufacturers make some really crappy low-end products, but if people didn't buy them they wouldn't make them. The worst thing about low-end guitars is cheap trems, but if you get a good solid hard-tail and a solid piece of decent wood they aren't half bad either.
As long as people keep buying their junk they'll keep selling it to you. In a way the manufacturers deserve the bad rap. We just have to make them feel the pain so they quit making junk.
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but if you get a good solid piece of decent wood they aren't half bad either.

Decent wood in production model BC Riches rarely exists.
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seriously dude, if you can afford it, get an Ibanez RG1527. they are awesome, you will not get better for a similar price.
If you do get a B.C. Rich, DO NOT GET THE ACRYLIC SERIES. I got one because it looked cool and it is oppressively heavy. It was good for distortion, but the cleans sucked. Right now, I avoid playing because the guitar is so heavy. It's so bad that I'm thinking of putting the bridge pickup in my $100 strat knock-off. I'd go with Schecter <$700 or Ibanez >$700.
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