I thought it up while reading through that what pokemon should I get thread
and someone pick a Mike Tyson or Chuck Norris

Help me think of some epicmon

Mike Tyson and Chuck Norris will be teh legendaries

The starters are

Emma Watson
Her ability is like attract
but makes ur epicmon fap teh hell out of themselves the loose half there hp

Gerard Way
Uses teh Vampire teeth to like get you and confuse so your epicmon dont obey you

Teh Bucket Walrus thing
He beats the sh!t out of you with teh bucket and splashes water in your face

List more epicmon and there abilites
This actually sounds mildly amusing, i say we use Endcat, his attack would be just to end you and all you love

When one sits down, they simply decimate the population of a small hamlet south of cumbria!
Gary Coleman.
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that is a great idea

im pretty epic

so i think i should be and epicmon

what your ur ability
Mr Rogers

Chokes u with his sweater

Tim Allen

Snorts coke off ur asscrack for speed boost
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break into his house, wait till he falls asleep, teabag him, take picture, post on UG, get banned
Daxflame if he gets to low on health he can go into rage mode and send ur epicmon laughing causing that particular epicmon to be useless for five turns.
btw if anyone in this thread also happens to go to 4chan... don't. You're killing the dead.
PedoBear. makes you focus on underage girls resulting in jail time for 5 turns.
I LIKE Josh Klinghoffer

"Mr. Lippman of the Seinfeld Avatar Club-PM IHATECHILDREN to join."

Frusciante for President in '08
Crazy Steve
Goes all physco and starts yelling then bitch slaps
then makes your epicmon piss its pants skips turn
Pedobear. He rapes your children.

EDIT: Damn I was beat to it.
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