just getting into slide and i want to learn some songs
My Gear:

Jackson King V KVX10
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Line 6 Spider III HD75, Line 6 Spider III 4x12 Cabinet
Marshall MG30DFX
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss BF-3 Flanger
pretty much any Rose Tattoo song.
My stuff:

SX Telecaster Replica
Jade 75 watt amp
15 Watt Mega-amp, lol.
Jim Dunlop Crybaby
Digitech RP50
Gear Jammer by George Throughogood or something like that.
"Guitarmen, wake up and pluck wire for sound, let 'em hear you play"
-Charlie Christian
"You have to give people something to dream on"
-Jimi Hendrix
"I try to make any guitar do what I want it to do"
Traveling Riverside Blues - Led Zep

In My Time Of Dying - Led Zep

Ground On Down - Ben Harper

Twice As Hard - Black Crowes (some slide in there)

Blues Before Sunrise - Eric Clapton
Metallica-Bleeding Me
Pitchblack - Fulltone Octafuzz - Hardwire OD - Blakemore Effects Deus Ex Machina - MXR Micro Chorus - Diamond Memory Lane Jr - EHX SMMH - Neunaber Wet
Tell Mama - Savoy Brown
Statesboro Blues, One way Out - Allman Brothers (lots of others too, Duane was a fabulous slide player)
Rollin and Tumblin - Eric Clapton
Motherless Children - Eric Clapton
Slow Ride - Foghat ( I'm SO sick of hearing that damn song...)
One Of These Days - Pink Floyd
Highway 61 Revisited - Johnny Winter
Meantown Blues - Johnny Winter
Any of a couple of dozen other Johnny Winter tunes
Tush - ZZ Top
Precious and Grace - ZZ Top (several others too)
Train Train - Blackfoot
Ballad of Curtis Loew - Lynyrd Skynyrd
I Hear You Knockin' - Dave Edmunds
Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
The Joker - Steve Miller
Show Biz Kids - Steely Dan
The list goes on...and on...

And you can improvise slide on a lot of songs that were originally done with standard lead. I do that all the time. Get familiar with open tunings, I like open G and D.
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