I was wondering if anyone could assist me in properly using a mixer/ pre amp? i have a machie 1604 ylz pro and im having a bit of troubles with it. the equalizing thing i can do. but hooking it up is a different story. is it just for recording, because of the pre amp part of it, or can i use it for live stuff? also, if i can use it for live stuff, how do i get the proper volume levels out of it? .....just help in general would be much apreciated.
Well - what are you TRYING to do with it. Setup is fairly simple. Plug XLR cable from mic into open channel. Turn up preamp until the green LED's register sound. Turn up the fader for that channel. Plug your speakers into the "main outs" and set master fader to "0" (unity).

Also read the manual. The fact that you have a piece of hardware worth hundreds of dollars and have no clue how to use it worries me. Should I even ask how you got it?
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Well, its not that im completly unable to use it...im able to hook things up how i think their supposed to be, enough to make it so i could play my guitar and hear it through my amp. i read some of the manual, but the manual with that thing is difficult reading. and it never really answered what i was looking for hooking up wise to be honest. When i hook things up, the biggest problem is that my amp acts like its at quarter volume, when its turn to half, and half normally shakes the room im in....what i get is far less.
oh, and also...not able to use mics yet....getting them soon though, same with the XLR cables