Ive been playin for about two years. When I first started playing my wrist (mainly my left one) would hurt for a while after i played and I thought it would be something that would pass with time but it hasnt, its only gotten worse. It gets to the point where i have to stop playing because of the pain and sometimes I can barley get my wrist straight after Im done. Im only 19 so I dont suspect carpeltunnel or anything like that. I had my growth spirt when i was young and it happened just about all at once and ive had problems with all my bones and joints for a long time. I was wondering if there is anything i can do to ease the pain or something or maybe im not playing correctly and thats causing my pain. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Im afraid to go to the DR because I dont want him to tell me to stop playing.

:/. You might want to see a docter. Usually when I rub my wrist if it hurts and it feels better. You should probably stop playing until you figure out how to treat it.
if i had to guess, id say it was actually carpel tunnel, im no dr. tho but i no for sho that that is some serious ****.
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yeah man see a doctor. thats the best advice anyone (but a doctor) can give. or try wearing a brace when you play. dont know if it would work though
Tendonitis. **** the doctor, I'll tell you what youve got. Unless of course it isnt muscular or tendon pain, which you failed to specify.

Ive gotten tendonitis from playing guitar before, I used to get it a lot. I just kept pushing thru it though and treating myself as if i deserve it, etc. that got me through it.

Only thing i can recommend: Eat lots of protein, and take it a little easier to let your wrist heal. then get one of those stress balls and use it to build your strength back up.

Every guitarist should use stress balls.
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Let me preface this reply with this:

I have tendinitis from playing guitar. I know where you're coming from.


You weren't very specific as to what your pain is. If the pain is on either side of your wrist, it may very well be tendinitis. If your pain is in the center of your wrist it may be carpal tunnel. Hell, it may be neither and could be something entirely different. That's for a doctor to decide.

Not going to the doctor because you're afraid he/she will tell you to stop playing is a very bad idea. Your wrist is injured. Period. Avoiding the doctor because you're afraid of what he/she will say isn't going to change that fact. So, you might as well suck it up and seek professorial advice while you still can. You think taking a few weeks off from playing is bad? You may have to give the hobby up for much longer than that if these conditions become chronic when left untreated.

Playing the guitar (or any instrument) isn't like working out. It's not a "no pain, no gain" activity. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong.

Here's what I'm currently doing to heal my tendinitis.

1. I examined my technique down to the smallest degree and found out that my thumb position is what was causing my pain. It was putting too much of a bind on my wrist. I've raised my strap to a more comfortable level, and I've also began playing in a classical position when sitting. Also, once I'm able to play again I will work on playing in such a way to help keep my wrist straighter than it has been in the past.

2. I went to the doctor. They gave me anti-inflammatory medication and told me to wear a splint, and minimize the use of my left hand. I'm currently doing all three of these.

3. I'm taking acupuncture. Lol, this was on a whim, but it really does seem to work.

4. I have since learned to perform certain activities with my right arm to help minimize how often I have to use my left arm so that it can heal faster.

5. Research. Learn everything you can about your condition. There's tons of material on the internet, etc.

6. I quit playing the guitar. Yea, this one has been hard. Really hard. 3 weeks so far. It's the longest I've ever gone without playing the guitar since I started. But, you have to look at the big picture. A month or two off now is better than ruining the next 50 years of my musical life because I can't play at all.

In short. Go to the doctor.

adjust your strap height...i get sore wrists too sometimes and strap height helps alot, also some guitars are more comfortable than other as they have thinner necks...guitars which are really comfortable and stop all wrist pain with me are gibson sg, schecter c1 hellraiser.
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that mainly comes from technique problems, you can see the difference between the pain coming from a tired hand and the pain coming from a hand that is getting tortured

go to a doctor, and then see a guitar teacher so you learn how to not mess up your wrist
i'm going to get an appt with a doctor tomorow. as far as the pain, its through my whole wrist and sometimes shoots up my arm. if i play for too long and try to straighten out my wrist it pops a little.
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i'm going to get an appt with a doctor tomorow. as far as the pain, its through my whole wrist and sometimes shoots up my arm. if i play for too long and try to straighten out my wrist it pops a little.

Definately stop playing until you know what's going on, if it is guitar related you'll need to stop playing for a while and then get a teacher who can show you what you're doing wrong, but until you've been to a doctor lock the guitar in a cupborad and find womething else to do that doesn't involve moving your wrist like that.
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