We all know the saying "if wishes were fishes..." (to many endings for this, but I think you know where I'm going with that), and I think the same thing happens with prayers. I, personally, do not believe that there is a god, was a god, will be a god, or any other state of time relative to our own you can think of will there be a god! But! I think that people that say "careful what you wish for" should be saying the same thing about prayers, as they are basically the same thing. You are wishing that nothing bad (or maybe the opposite ) will happen to someone/something to benefit you or someone else.

any thoughts on this?

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my only thought is that pepsi suks

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But, I agree with you about the wishes thing. thats part of why I don't believe in a god.
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my only thought is that pepsi suks

Well thank you for your opinion on something that is entirely on taste.

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my only thought is that pepsi suks

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You're not supposed to pray for yourself, or for pain of anyone else, so that narrows it down doesn't it?
it's just a way to mentalize yourself, it's like, when you pray to pass a test, of course, you can't leave everything to god

and i'm an atheist btw
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I think they are wishes, but that is just because i dont believe in a deity

This should go in the religion thread btw
If you pray to God you can't get the wrong thing because God is all knowing and he knows what you really want. You don't even have to pray because he already knows your wish before you ask it and if God is going to give it to you (he won't) then he is already revving up to grant it.
A friend of mine has recently been talking about the spiritual/religious side of herself. While she can't claim to be a part of any religion, she does see the value in meditation.

When she meditates it's when she goes into her own mind to find the power to carry out life out of her own volition.

When she prays, she thinks it's more like wishing. She doesn't pray to any particular divine being or deity, but in general, it ends up like her wishing for intervention from an outside source that may or may ot exist.