i have an orange crush 30r with the low and high inputs and i know you can play two guitars through one amp, but would it work with a bass as well or is that a bad idea?
DONT PLUG A BASS INTO A GUITAR AMP, (if thats what your saying)
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NO bass guitar UNLESS you are running through a bass or full-range speaker(s.) In that case it may or may not sound too good, as guitar amps are EQ'd for guitar, not bass. Bass guitar through a regular guitar speaker will destroy the speaker. Bass waves cause the speaker cone to travel much more than a guitar speaker will move, ripping the cone. On some amps when you plug into one jack the other one is bypassed. In others they are both functional but the high input switches to low, meaning you have two low inputs.
Id worry with an orange amp...but i know at school we have an old peavey and it takes to a bass almost everyday and it sounds pretty good actually...our teacher ended up bringing in an swr goliath 4 10 cab later on but it still uses the peavey head.

Dont do it with an orange though...peaveys are tanks and can take anything...i doubt an orange is half as durable