Taylor came out with the t5 guitar back in '05 and are supposed to release a complete solid body electric in early 2008.. After reading the article and checkin out the pics.. I'M STOKED.. because Taylor excels in everthing they produce.. but are they gonna try to be so versatile that they slack up on the acoustics... CHECK IT...
oh my godddd damnnnn. that is incredible.

i must having this guitar. Savinggggg NOW!!!

(first post evar! suck it)
i would never spend that much on a guitar, hahaha. i dont care what the name brand is or how its painted/stained. a slab of mahogany or alder and some nice pickups and im golden. however if i got one for free, there is a good chance i would keep it. and if you knew me, youd know that thats saying something.
Just thought I would share that I've seen the guitars in person and DAMN are they sweet. The bridge alone is beautiful and fully functional. They have three models and I believe the least expensive model will be selling for around $1300ish retail. I can't wait, I hope to get one sometime after they are launched.
That's a pretty nice looking guitar!
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