Is the Schecter C-1 Exotic Star Electric Guitar a nice sounding guitar? Cause i cannot find many reviews about it.
i played it at my local guitar shop and it played as well as any other schecter i've played
Its essentially a C1 with a different finish. Exact same shape, frets, neck and joints and cutaways.
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The exotic star has an ebony fretboard and different pickups than most other Schecters.
I think the Super Rock II or whatever they are are supposed to be designed by Tom Anderson for Schecter, and I would hope they are good.

Personally I think the old Schecter C-1 exotics with the neck thru and 'natural' wood finishes looked killer compared to the new ones.

Hell yeah, my friends have that guitar, they only made them for a few months it seems almost, they came out, then immediately dissappeared and came out with the star-diarrhea. the star is a good guitar, but christ, its a star. you want an "exotic" looking guitar, i dont want gay stars all over it. The original one, with the flamed top, and the neck-through and so on, such an incredible guitar.